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    Website costs can vary widely! Having said that, there are some guidelines used to arrive at a price for a particular website. The largest determining factor in a website's cost is the complexity of the programming involved. Size, of course, is also a consideration. Below is a list of pricing guidelines used by SuperGeek Web Design to arrive at website development and maintenance costs. These are simply intended as guides, as each company's needs are unique and require individualized solutions.

    Website consultation and recommendations FREE
    Location of webhost (does not include host's set-up fees or host's domain transfer fee) FREE
    Domain name registration (does not include $70 InterNic fee) FREE
    Registration with 7 major search engines FREE
    Web programming, including:
    • HTML, DHTML, Style Sheets
    • Java, JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX
    • CGI, Perl, SSI, ASP, etc.
    $30 to $75+
    per hour
    Custom graphics (with and without animation) starting at
    Creation of banners & submission to banner exchange programs or advertising entities starting at
    Establishment of online store front (does not include merchant account fees, account set-up fees, or monthly charges) starting at
    $100 for package
    Monthly site maintenance, to include
    • minor site updates (not to exceed 5 hours)
    • daily monitoring of website status
    • responding to all webmaster email
    • resubmission to 7 search engines
    Website proofing/editing (for existing sites) $10/page


    Website Cost Estimates are individualized cost estimates for your web design needs. By answering a few questions about your company and your site's needs, we can offer you a more precise design cost estimate. Please complete the Web Design Cost Estimate Form for a detailed response, typically within one business day. Of course, you will be under absolutely no obligation by requesting an estimate and all information provided to SuperGeek Web Design is handled with appropriate discretion and NEVER distributed to other companies or individuals.


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    FAX: (877) 248-8608

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